Stop Losing Money: Discover the Power of Community in Financial Investing

Brandon Colwell and Karl Boyd


Most people get their financial information by reading articles, blogs, newspapers or watching television. This one-way conversation gives an opinion of where to invest. People rely on these “experts” to tell them where to invest instead of doing real due diligence and research. The problem is the conflict of interest and soundbites that may not answer the questions investors really want to know about. This doesn’t help people become a better investor in the long run. If you want to become a better investor, Follow the Money can help.

Follow the Money is changing the way people get their financial information. I recently sat down with their founders Brandon Colwell and Karl Boyd to discuss their community platform. It is designed to give better access, therefore reducing your risk through financial education and learn from someone other than the talking heads through a community of investors.  

The Power Of Community

The power of Follow the Money is in the community. You can learn from others and find additional avenues of research for due diligence. They can help people from any level of education, from just starting out to hedge fund managers. The platform helps everyone to learn and grow from each other, but also to communicate with the people they’re investing in. Follow the Money takes questions from the community and brings them directly to interviews with CEOs. They literally follow the money—if there’s an investment opportunity people are talking about, they’ll bring those stakeholders on for an interview. 

How Do You Make Sure You’re Getting Good Info? 

There are always risks when it comes to community. Follow the Money cultivates and moderates their community to have people treat each other with respect and follow rules and guidelines. It all started when Brandon and Karl noticed they were on these Facebook groups for people exchanging financial information and there were people lying and being manipulative. They wanted to stop that and create a platform that would genuinely help people. And it’s working—they have over 3 million impressions a month and have interviewed over 200 companies. The platform is also for anyone interested in financial information, including financial advisors, writers, and investors, so you can ensure you’re getting plenty of information and education from every aspect, like trends, opportunities, etc. The more education you have, the better informed you are to make investing decisions. And because of the interactive nature of the community, you’re learning from other people’s wins as well as their mistakes. How many people on television are talking about the financial investment mistakes they made?

Follow the Money is making financial investing a two-way conversation, promoting education and better information. The existing system is only allowing for quick advice without access to all the information. Follow the Money is changing that.

via Forbes – Entrepreneurs

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