Search asymmetry in a serial auditory task: Neural source analyses of EEG implicate attention strategies

Publication date: Available online 25 September 2019

Source: Neuropsychologia

Author(s): Elizabeth G. Blundon, Lawrence M. Ward


Here we report a detailed analysis of the fast network dynamics underlying P3a and P3b event-related potential (ERP) subcomponents generated during an unconventional serial auditory search paradigm. We dissect the electroencephalographic (EEG) data from an earlier study of ours, using a variety of advanced signal processing techniques, in order to discover how the brain is processing auditory targets differently when they possess a rare, salient, unpredictable feature not shared with distractors than when targets lack this feature but distractors have it. We find that brain regions associated with the Ventral Attention Network (VAN) are the primary neural generators of the P3a subcomponent in response to feature-present targets, whereas regions associated with the Dorsal Attention Network (DAN), as well as regions associated with detecting auditory oddball stimuli (ODD), may be the primary neural generators of the P3b, in the context of our study, and perhaps in search paradigms in general. Moreover, measurements of the time courses of oscillatory power changes and inter-regional synchronization in theta and low-gamma frequency bands were consistent with the early activation and synchronization within the VAN associated with the P3a subcomponent, and with the later activation and synchronization within the DAN and ODD networks associated with the P3b subcomponent. Implications of these finding for the mechanisms underlying search asymmetry phenomena are discussed.

Graphical abstract

Image 1

via ScienceDirect Publication: Neuropsychologia

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